Deluxe Bulletin Signholder Posts

These high quality Signholders match the posts from our Crowd Control line.
You can specify the frame size, orientation (horizontal or vertical) and the metal finish.

If your budget is tight and you don't mind sticking with the basics...
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Traditional Domed Bases Universal Flat Base
Traditional Domed Base (T) Universal Flat Base (U)
Model 1310 Portable Sign Holder Post
This popular Sign Holder Post is offered with 5 different Sign Frames sizes in both
Horizontal (H-Wider than Tall) or Vertical (V-Taller than Wide) orientation.
Height to underside of the frame is 36".  These heavy duty, stabile bases weigh 35 lbs.
You can choose from lots of different metal finishes as well...
Sample model number for ordering -  1310T-1P-2228V for Traditional Domed Base with 22"W x 28"H Frame in Polished Chrome
Frame Size (Please add H or V) Polished Chrome Satin Chrome Polished Brass with ClearCoat Satin Brass with ClearCoat Color* (see below)
Traditional Domed Base Sign Holder Stands
7" x 11" Frame 1310T-1P-711_ 1310T-1S-711_ 1310T-2P-711_ 1310T-2S-711_ 1310T-(see below)-711_
8.5" x 11" Frame 1310T-1P-811_ 1310T-1S-811_ 1310T-2P-811_ 1310T-2S-811_ 1310T-(see below)-811_
11" x 14" Frame 1310T-1P-1114_ 1310T-1S-1114_ 1310T-2P-1114_ 1310T-2S-1114_ 1310T-(see below)-1114_
14" x 22" Frame 1310T-1P-1422_ 1310T-1S-1422_ 1310T-2P-1422_ 1310T-2S-1422_ 1310T-(see below)-1422_
22" x 28" Frame 1310T-1P-2228_ 1310T-1S-2228_ 1310T-2P-2228_ 1310T-2S-2228_ 1310T-(see below)-2228_
Universal Flat Base Sign Holder Stands
7" x 11" Frame 1310U-1P-711_ 1310U-1S-711_ 1310U-2P-711_ 1310U-2S-711_ 1310U-(see below)-711_
8.5" x 11" Frame 1310U-1P-811_ 1310U-1S-811_ 1310U-2P-811_ 1310U-2S-811_ 1310U-(see below)-811_
11" x 14" Frame 1310U-1P-1114_ 1310U-1S-1114_ 1310U-2P-1114_ 1310U-2S-1114_ 1310U-(see below)-1114_
14" x 22" Frame 1310U-1P-1422_ 1310U-1S-1422_ 1310U-2P-1422_ 1310U-2S-1422_ 1310U-(see below)-1422_
22" x 28" Frame 1310U-1P-2228_ 1310U-1S-2228_ 1310U-2P-2228_ 1310U-2S-2228_ 1310U-(see below)-2228_
Metal Finishes
Polished Chrome Satin Stainless Steel Polished Brass Satin Brass UltraCoat
1P- Polished Chrome 1S- Satin Chrome 2P- Polished Brass 2S- Satin Brass
Red Mid Blue Green White
21- Red 23- Blue 28- Green 32- White
Satin Black Yellow Hammer Grey Charcoal Grey
33S- Satin Black 35- Yellow (textured) 73- Hammer Grey (textured) 80- Charcoal (textured)
Silver Silver Vein Dove Grey Beige
91- Silver 64- Silver Vein 92- Dove Grey 100- Beige (textured)

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